The uReader system allows, safely and without altering the vehicle manufacturer's warranty, reading real time data of the CANbus. In a easy and standardized way information is obtained without the vehicle manufacturer FMS Interface. The uReader system sends all FMS standard SPNs and additionally the J1939, whenever they are available on the vehicle.

With uReader telematics platforms can implement in its AVL and FMS the new strategies in fuel economy and driving habits.

What is the FMS interface?

FMS Interface acts as a firewall limiting the data that can be obtained through the CANbus. It is the only connection point allowed by manufacturers to make the connection without losing the vehicle's warranty. Most vehicles do not have the FMS Interface enabled, so you can not get CANbus data without altering the warranty.

The uReader system does not require electrical connection to CANbus. Using a capacitive coupling system is possible to get all the bus information without altering the manufacturer's warranty.

uReader system:

  • replaces the FMS interface.
  • is smart and automatically detects the polarity and the speed of the bus.
  • transforms the signals from the vehicle to FMS standard.
  • filters unnecessary data making available only the relevant ones.
  • is compatible with most of trucks and buses manufacturers in the market.

The vehicle handles all communications (EDC, Retarder, Cruise, EBS, ABS, Injection, Fuel level, etc.) via internal CANbus. With uReader vehicle data can be read by any device with serial port, so you can have access to all information. uReader is compatible with other vehicle devices and can be combined with GPRS communications and GPS navigation..

System Features

 uReader system highlights

Main features
  • Resusable connection by click system
  • Auto configuration
  • Auto detects vehicle
  • Contactless without altering manufacturer´s warranty
  • Auto detects bus polarity and speed
  • Compatible with all manufacturers and models
  • Replicate manufacturer´s FMS interface
  • Power supply wide range (6-33Vdc).
  • Ultra low consumption: even 20 times less than other solutions.
  • Suitable for cars and comercial vehicles
Remote downloading
Contacless interface
  • ISO11898 (CANbus)
  • ISO11992 (CANbus Trailer)
  • J1708 (Volvo)
  • RS485
  • RS422
  • RS232
  • Others
Comunication interfaces
  • ISO11898 (CANbus)
  • RS232
Other interfaces
  • K-line
  • SDTCO-D8
Remote comunication system through RS232
  • YES (aSoS)
Remote upgrade
  • YES

Advantages over Competitors

RS232 Protocol
  • Configurable by script code to fit your needs with a simple text editor
  • Set your own protocol up with the data and the format you need.
Vehicle configuration
  • Single configuration for all vehicles.
  • Autodetects brand and model
  • Autodetects bus speed and polarity
  • Smaller device
  • Low power consumption
  • Indicator led for checking installation
  • Connection by reusable click

Available Data

uReader makes available any data you need from the CANbus. It is only necessary the information is available in the vehicle in any way and uReader catches it.

In a standard way the following FMS parameters are available:

917 High resolution total vehicle distance 250 Engine total fuel used
247 Engine total hours of operation 84 Wheel based speed
190 Engine speed 513 Actual engine - Percentil Torque
559 Kick down 91 Accelerator pedal position
597 Brake switch 598 Clutch switch
595 Cruise control active 976 PTO state
96 Fuel level 110 Engine coolant temperature
102 Engine Turbocharger Boost Pressure 582 Axle weight
1760 Combined weight of tractor and trailer 181
Load weight
914 Service distance 237
vehicle identification number
Instant consumption 168
Batery voltage
1625/6 Driver 1 / Driver 2 identification 1612/3 Driver 1 / Driver 2 working state
1617/8 Driving and idle timing 1611 Movimiento detectado


Other Buses
Lab. Mode

Tachograph Remote Download

  • Compatible with all tachograph brands
  • Completely automated process
  • Authentication with a single company card
  • Remote downloading of vehicles and drivers
  • 12 months backup
  • Alert system
  • Management system supports manual downloads
  • Service provided by the Web platform iGestión
  • Customizable corporate image for integrators

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